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Wind Power Transmissions activities

WPT is a service company focused in the Wind Energy industry, with more than 11 years of existence, which provides repair and predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of Wind Turbines and Gearboxes of the more important manufacturers in the market (WINERGY, PUJOL MUNTALA, HANSEN, JAKE, etc. ...). 

WPT consists of a powerful and professional team that covers all aspects related to the maintenance of wind farms. WPT  as extensive experience in the sector and its facilities (near Barcelona) are perfectly sized and equipped to respond to customer needs (Test Bench, overhead cranes of 10 and 20Tn, among others ...). 

WPT also performs inspections and audits of Wind Turbines, including vibration analysis, endoscopic camera inspections and repairs "in situ" in the Wind Turbine, anywhere in the world.

Repair and predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of Wind Turbines and Gearboxes

The Wind Turbine Gearboxes work exposed to high loads for a long time and often under very adverse conditions. As a critical element of Wind Turbines, it has to satisfy very high demands. Failures that occur in Wind Turbines based in gears technology, are mainly due to the Gearbox. Long stops of the Wind Turbines, logistic requirements and infrastructure needs (cranes, equipment, etc ...) to carry out repairs in Wind Turbines are extremely expensive. In many cases, these operations have a higher cost than the repair itself. A non working Gearbox stops the electricity generation production and, subsequently the income for the business owner or operator of the wind farm. Proper regular, predictive and preventive maintenance can significantly lengthen the life of this critical element. A fast, reliable, competitive and agile corrective maintenance is also necessary when the damage has already been caused.

Competitive and agile corrective maintenance

WPT,  provides inspections and audits services including Gearboxes vibration analysis, endoscopic camera inspections and individual components repairs "in situ" when possible. If the Gearbox cannot be repaired in the Wind Turbine (what often happens), the machine is moved to WPT facilities (near Barcelona) where it is rechecked, repaired, tested in the Test Bench and finally returned to the client with reports and the agreed warranty.

Specialists in Gearboxes

WPT, as specialists in Gearboxes, have extensive experience and knowledge in solving troubleshooting and repair of Gearboxes. One of the main targets of WPT is the decrease of the downtime period of customer equipment.

Some of our clients and contributors of maintenance and repair gearbox : 

La Compagnie du Vent - GDF Suez