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Wind Power Transmissions as a company has clear values:


WPT aims to be a benchmark organization in the field of maintenance of Wind Turbines in Spain, Europe and North Africa; giving an excellent quality of service, “on time” reparation supply and real and very competitive prices.


To help increase the competitiveness and reliability of our customers, in order to collaborate, in the sustainable development of society from greater availability of Wind Turbines serving green energy production:

  • Improve realibility and availability of Wind Turbines from a good predictive, preventive and corrective manintenance service.
  • Improve the performance of Wind Turbines.
  • Innovation and development of new technology products.


  • Develop activities of maintenance activities, repair and retrofit of Gearboxes for Wind Turbines and other large Gearboxes applications.
  • From the knowledge and expertise of the professionals forming WPT (covering the entire value chain: engineering, mechanics and service) meet the needs of our customers in terms of time of the reparation, quality and price .
  • Ensure an optimum reliability while a rapid and flexible response in order to allow maximum availability of Wind Turbines.
  • Repair Gearboxes of any manufacturer up to 2.5 MW power of the Iberian, South European  and North Africsn Wind Turbine park.
  • Develop and exploit a flexible Test Bench for Gearboxes of up to 2.5 MW.
  • Being a collaborator/partner of our customers. Establish long term relationships between clients and suppliers.

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